Kabinshop began in 2015.  Having spent my lifetime drawing, painting, making things  and working as a make-up artist and illustrator   mostly  to commission  for numerous publications from Vogue to The Observer. After my degree in art at Central Saint Martins school of art i became an  illustrator of many children and beauty books . I later began making ceramics and totally fell in love with it. Everything i make is totally made with my hands, i don't use a potters wheel and  nothing is slip cast. I am not interested in mass production, i like every piece to be unique or part of a small batch. 

I work from home in a converted pet food factory. I love the whole process of making, from thinking of ideas, sketching them, watching something form in my hands take on a life of its own then firing and  glazing and waiting to see if the finished item looks anything like i hoped! Its a long process! I have so many ideas for new items to make, its an ongoing journey!

Kabin  means Vase in Japanese , it seemed like a fitting title as i have begun to make vases and vessels in ceramics and of course its my home to all my products.

I am open to custom orders and occasionally i take on small wholesale orders.

 I am not able to give away my products for free .

Carol Morley x